Customized Solutions

Woodgrain Distribution is committed to delivering the product our customers want, the quantity they want, when they want it, where they want it, and with the service package they want. We believe there is a customized solution to fit every need for our customers. Through collaborative partnerships, Woodgrain Distribution will deliver “best in class” service and products to our customers at the lowest total cost of ownership.

Vertical Integration

Woodgrain is a vertically integrated organization with four divisions: Millwork, Distribution, Windows and Doors. This organizational structure allows us to manage our products and processes from tree to trim. We are able to oversee everything from our manufacturing process to the distribution of products to customers. This allows for unique service benefits like an integrated supply chain, solution selling, flexible sourcing, inventory management, quality, and special order capabilities.

Integrated Supply Chain

Woodgrain Distribution’s supply chain delivery processes are fully integrated into all of the Woodgrain Millwork’s domestic and international mills in addition to our external contractual suppliers. This integration gives our customers the confidence their needs will be covered under any circumstances and allows for quality products. Additionally, we have access to both cost-based and market-based sourcing assuring customers the avoidance of extreme spikes in acquisition costs during times of supply tightness.

Solution Selling

Through Woodgrain Distribution’s solution-based selling techniques, our sales force identifies customer needs and joins with our other divisions to fulfill any orders. As a vertically integrated organization, the cross-collaboration between divisions allows Woodgrain Distribution to uncover opportunities that wouldn’t otherwise be visible. We are able to partner with customers to recognize individual needs and create customized solutions. Woodgrain Distribution is dedicated to delivering millwork products when you want them, where you want them.

Flexible Sourcing

Our customers have the flexibility to choose product delivery to their locations in a variety of ways. Products can be purchased out of our warehouses in small bundle quantities, with frequent deliveries. This may be very beneficial for retail space or for slower moving products. For larger volume product needs, we will store and cross-dock for delivery of full units to customer locations. This option can be very helpful in minimizing working inventory in medium volume applications. Depending on volume, these units can be delivered in mixed full or half truckloads or for smaller quantities can be delivered a few units at a time on our regular route trucks. Additionally, full truckloads or full container loads, shipped directly from the manufacturing mill to the customer’s door are also available.  Various service packages are available with this option to ensure our customer’s individual needs are met.  This option can minimize the supply chain costs incurred to get the product from the mill to the customer’s locations for very high volume applications.

Multiple sourcing options from internal and external mills located domestically or internationally provides the benefit of managed lead times. Because of our flexible sourcing, our customers have multiple options to secure product within shorter delivery lead-times when there are urgent needs. In emergencies, this capability can be very important.

Inventory Management

Open communication and a collaborative partnership is what Woodgrain Distribution strives for with every customer. This open communication allows us to properly manage our inventory to better serve all customers. In addition we make available vendor managed inventory to help increase inventory turns, eliminate costly and unnecessary inventory, and help grow profitability overall.

Information sharing is a vital part of a successful partnership. How the information is shared and what information is necessary is dependent on how customers want to grow their business with Woodgrain. We can share proven processes or work to develop new processes to fit every need.


Woodgrain’s quality stems from our vertical integration. We are able to guarantee quality products through the management of the entire process. We source the wood, oversee the manufacturing process and optimize the entire board.

Our customers also have the comfort of knowing they receive product consistency through our profile templates used in the manufacturing of the tooling and knives needed in the manufacturing process. All Woodgrain mills manufacture to the West Coast WM standards, furthering our commitment to consistency and quality.

Special Orders

Woodgrain Distribution also provides our customers special order opportunities from more than 2,000 available profiles. Additionally, we can work from customer provided drawings as our in-house CAD drawing department is available to meet customer needs.

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