Woodgrain Distribution is a logistics company dedicated to delivering “best in class” service, moulding and millwork products to our customers at the lowest total cost of ownership, when they want it, and where they want it. With thousands of products ranging from traditional moulding to decorative moulding and doors, you’ll find the perfect product to complement your interior design.


The piece that brings it all together

Moulding completes the look of any space by adding depth, texture and contrast. Not only is moulding aesthetically pleasing, it can add value to your home and provides an extra layer of protection for walls.

Woodgrain Distribution offers a wide selection of quality moulding – from ceiling to floor – in a variety of species, profiles, sizes, and applications. Whether you’re looking for a simple base moulding, beautiful crown moulding or to combine pieces to create a unique look, we have what you seek.

Our attention to quality and detail can be seen in the end product. To achieve a seamless look, our moulding is cut to match our drawings exactly. This ensures that any two pieces of moulding from the same profile line up every time.




General Purpose

Door Shop Components

Exterior Moulding

Superior Exterior Protection

The exposed trim work is a small, yet significant, detail to the overall craftsmanship of a home.  Exterior moulding is a functional component to sealing and protecting the home, while also adding character and style.

Woodgrain Distribution offers a variety of exterior moulding profiles in Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC). PVC is a plastic product manufactured for exterior applications due to its ability to endure all types of weather conditions.

Our PVC moulding installs like traditional wood moulding, and proves to be a durable solution for moisture and rot resistant exterior moulding. With UV protection as well as the ability paint, PVC is an ideal solution for the home.

A simple elegant way to beautify your home.

Finished Elegance® is a practical solution to achieve a durable, flawless finish for your interior space. Finished Elegance can be installed in three easy steps: Just cut, install and caulk. Perfect cuts line up every time and no painting is required.

Not only is Finished Elegance easy to use and stunning to see, it stands up to even the harshest wear and tear. Finished Elegance offers superior resistance to scratching, marring, dents, moisture, and splitting.

The secret? Finished Elegance is coated with Eastman Cerfis technology, which allows for its tough-as-nails exterior and silky-smooth, clean finish.

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Gorgeous design is all in the details

DecraMold® is that added touch that makes a space extraordinary. Made from solid pine, DecraMold finishes beautifully with paint, stain or varnish to match the style of any room. Since DecraMold is available in a variety of sizes and installs just like traditional moulding its uses can be as versatile as your space allows.

BlockShop®, a “No-Miter System®“, eliminates the need for bothersome miter cuts while adding interest to corners. BlockShop can be paired with DecraMold and traditional moulding for easy installation of base, casing, chair rail, crown, and more.

Dowels and Prefinished Ash

Simple solutions for floors and more

Prefinished Ash comes ready-to-install in three gorgeous colors: gunstock, honey oak and butterscotch. Prefinished Ash coordinates well with hardwood floors and enhances their natural beauty.

Dowels apply a clean, polished look that works well in many ways. Woodgrain offers square and round dowels in solid pine and oak. Available in a variety of diameters, dowels are versatile enough to accent moulding and can be used in a creative DIY project.


The possibilities are endless

Boards are a very versatile trim product used in a variety of traditional and modern applications. Boards serve several purposes – everything from functional applications such as shelving units, cabinetry and skirt boards on staircases, to finer details such as moulding build-ups and fireplace mantels.

Woodgrain Distribution offers square on all four sides as well as micro-eased edges. Boards are available in 2 X 2, 1 X 12, 1 X 10, 1 X 8, 1 X 6, 1 X 4, and 1 X 2 in traditional fingerjoint pine and primed MDF (UMD) as well as our Finished Elegance® coating.

Builders, remodelers and homeowners alike are only limited to their imagination with the endless possibilities of board applications.

Wood Stile and Rail Doors

Open the possibilities

As a vertically integrated company, Woodgrain Distribution can special order any door available in the Woodgrain Doors’ Full Line Door Catalog, allowing you to create a custom door from a variety of 11 species and 1,250 plus configurations.

Woodgrain Doors designs, manufactures and supplies wood stile and rail doors and components that meet or exceed the needs of distributors, builders, remodelers and homeowners. Woodgrain Doors is committed to innovation through continuous improvements in manufacturing, investment in design, best in quality craftsmanship, and the use of highest quality materials. Our doors are as durable as they are beautiful.

Stocking Door Styles Include:

  • Panel Doors – raised, planked, and flat panel
  • Louver Doors – full louver, louver-over-louver, and louver over panel
  • French Doors – available in a variety of glass configurations
  • Utility Doors – custom looks for pantry, laundry room, or wine cellar available in frosted silk screened glass

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Door Shop Components

Whether looking for jambs, frames, stops, casing legs, astragals, or brick mould; Woodgrain has a variety of species and lengths to fit all needs. Woodgrain guarantees consistency of our profiles and specifications allowing for better automation of the pre-hanging needs. Products can be ordered in bundles, units, or full containers depending on the needs of the customer allowing for ordering from a single vendor.

Fiberglass Entry Doors

A warm welcome that strengthens your home.

Woodgrain Distribution offers Plastpro fiberglass entry doors that come in an assortment of door series, styles, and sizes. Fiberglass doors are available through our Houston, TX and Phoenix, AZ branches.

Plastpro doors are manufactured from the highest quality material and the most advanced manufacturing technology in the marketplace. Customers now have a broader selection of the most long-lasting and maintenance-free doors to choose from.

Plastpro fiberglass doors provide an authentic look of wood grain with the strength of steel and the superior performance of fiberglass. Fabricated with complete protection to weather related damages such as rot, warp and rust, this innovative alternative provides several benefits:

  • Hyrdoshield Technology® — Weather and water resistant
  • High insulation values
  • Enriched door appearance through easy finishing techniques, similar to traditional wood doors
  • Energy STAR qualified  / Tax credit

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