A product category within the building materials industry, moulding has been an important architectural element since the early days of home building. Whether trying to add value to a home or show individual style, crown moulding is a great way to enhance the aesthetics and value of any room. Mouldings come in a variety of profiles, applications, and species. Use independently or in a combination to create a build-up. The possibilities are endless and limited only by the imagination.

The profiles within the categories of moulding can help define and complement the style of a room. Whether looking for a traditional look like a colonial profile or modern with a sleek and simple profile, there are many options available. Another advantage is Woodgrain Distribution mouldings are manufactured to match our drawings regardless of the manufacturing mill ensuring consistent profiles between any two pieces of moulding. This allows for a seamless look when finished.

Consider the size of your space when purchasing moulding. As you can see based on the chart below, the taller the space, the wider the moulding.

Woodgrain Distribution mouldings come in a variety of species. Finishing touches to your installed moulding will be based on the specie of moulding you prefer.


  • Mouldings come in a variety of species with different attributes to them. The species carried by Woodgrain Distribution are:
  • Pine (PNE) – A solid piece of moulding with a small grain. Finish: Stain or Paint
  • Fingerjoint Pine (Raw and Primed, PFJ or PFP) – Pieces of pine fingerjointed and glued together to create one continuous piece of moulding. The primed version has a white water based paint coat applied making the moulding ready to finish.
    Finish: Paint
  • Oak (OAK) – A solid piece of moulding with a course grain. Finish: Stain or Varnish
  • Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF) – Cut and moulded from wood fiber mixed with resin sheet stock to make a solid piece of moulding. All MDF is primed with a white water based paint coat making the moulding ready to finish. Finish: Paint
  • Knotty Alder (KA) – A solid piece of moulding where the natural knots of the wood are visible creating a rustic elegant look when finished. Finish: Stain or Varnish
  • Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) – A plastic product manufactured for exterior applications due to its ability to endure all types of weather. Finish: Paint
  • Finished Elegance® (FMD) – durable no painting required interior finished moulding with a silky smooth finish. Finish: no painting required
  • Trimfinity (TIM) - made from 90% recycled plastic, 50% post-consumer, and 40% pre-consumer. Finish: Paint
  • Flexgrain™ (FLEX) – Flexible moulding available smooth or in any wood grain pattern. Finish: Stain or Paint
For additional information on moulding applications view our online glossary.

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